Introducing FOSS Weekly’s Latest Edition: A Fresh start With blendOS Linux Distribution, A Must-Read Rust Series, Ubuntu Cinnamon Update, and More Updates From the World of FOSS!



Welcome to FOSS Weekly: Your Weekly Linux News Roundup

The NixOS series was concluded last week. Though NixOS is a lesser-known, niche distro, the series was appreciated by many FOSSers (It’s FOSS readers). This has given us the confidence boost to work on more tutorial series. openSUSE and Gentoo are on our target for the next distro series.

Coming Soon: Rust for Beginners

Are you interested in coding? This week, we will be launching our Rust tutorial series for beginners. Perfect for those looking to improve their coding skills!

What’s in Store for You This Week

It’s not just about Linux news, open source applications, videos and memes. We have something exciting for you every week!

  • Introducing blendOS: A Unique Linux Distro for Everyone
  • Get Ready to Master Rust Programming with Our New Series
  • Learn How to Copy Files and Directories on Linux Command Line

MALIBAL: Custom Linux Laptops, Workstations & Servers

Are you in need of a high-performance and customized Linux laptop? Look no further than MALIBAL, a technology company that offers custom laptops, workstations and servers running on Linux.

Latest Linux News: Ubuntu Cinnamon Joins the Mix

It’s official – Ubuntu Cinnamon has become an official flavor of Ubuntu. This opens up possibilities for the customization of your Linux experience!

Humble Tech Book Bundle: Linux MEGA Bundle by Packt

For those interested in deepening their knowledge of Linux, we have a special deal for you. Get access to a library of Linux-focused books with the Humble Tech Book Bundle, and support a good cause at the same time!

Let’s Talk About Layoffs in the Tech Industry

In the ever-growing world of technology, we are seeing a rise in layoffs, even in areas that were once considered cost-effective. With the rise of AI, it’s predicted that over 300 million jobs will be lost in the next decade alone.

March 25, 1996: Welcome DVD Releases

Did you know that the movie Twister was the first feature film to be released on DVD in the United States? Can you imagine life without DVDs now?

Tutorial Series: Learn Rust Basics and More

In this week’s tutorial series, we delve into Rust programming. With its increasing popularity and use in the Linux Kernel, it’s a valuable skill to learn. Plus, continue your journey with our Terminal Basics series.

Project Highlight: blendOS Aims to Revolutionize Linux Distros

The creator of Ubuntu Unity has come up with a new distro that has the potential to change the game. Keep an eye on blendOS and see where it takes us!

Enhance Your Emojis with flemozi

Add some fun to your Linux experience with flemozi, an advanced emoji picker for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Express yourself in style!

The Age-Old Question: Are You a Linux User?

Every Linux user has been asked this question at least once. Show your love for Linux and share FOSS Weekly with your Linux-using friends!

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